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Dec 7, 2012 4:00am PST
of the intelligence. however, it's unlikely the president of the united states, the secretary of defense and secretary of state would be making such forceful statements unless there was a high degree of confidence in the intelligence community that the potential for the use of these weapons is quite high. >> in egypt it's remarkable how the arab spring is still springing, i guess. it was interesting to hear what morsi was saying. he went from the same script talking about how these are infiltrators and the protesters are paid. this is terrorism. it seemed like the same thing that mubarak would have said in a similar situation. how does this end for him? he has high level defections left and right. >> morsi is trying to hold together what is obviously a coalition and as you noted, any time there's pressure on a regime, the attempt to portray opponents as outside forces or unpatriotic is a common technique. but that's also the exact reason why ast sad -- i'm sorry in syria may have used the weapons which is you portray your opposition as someone as an outsider is being unpatriotic. so assad could use ch
Dec 4, 2012 4:00am PST
it claims is the drone, and says the aircraft was collecting data in iranian air space. but, a u.s. defense official tells cnn that the navy has accounted for all of its drones, and that whatever iran claims to have, it is not an actively operating american drone. >>> the head of the cdc warns that all the signs are pointing to a bad flu season this year. cdc director dr. thomas friedan is advising all americans over the age of 6 months to get vac continuated. he says the flu arrived early this year but the vaccine is an excellent tool to fight it. soledad, i did not, and i never do. but i may this year. >> really? >> i don't. >> why not? >> because i get sick every year. so i don't bother. >> think about that for a moment. it's so easy. >> i got it one year and i got sick and so i thought, well -- >> it's very scientific. >> i think everybody in my little world, get a flu shot. >> listen to them. >> let's talk about prince william. he's back at a london hospital this morning with his wife catherine. they are expecting their first child, and catherine is being treated for symptoms of very s
Dec 5, 2012 4:00am PST
. this morning we're hearing that the photographer has said some things in his own defense. cnn's mary snow has more on this report. >> [ bleep ] alone. take your [ bleep ] over there. >> reporter: why exactly these men were fighting is unclear. but moments after this video obtained by the new york police was record 58-year-old ki-suck han whose face is obscured, was pushed on to the tracks, police say, by the man yelling at him. subway barreling through the station killed han with horrified onlookers unable to save him. >> i know they kept arguing with each other. i see people trying to flag the train down before the train gets to him. >> reporter: the fight happened around 12:30 in the afternoon on this platform that's only about ten feet wide. a doctor who was on the platform says that the victim was trying to protect people that he didn't know, and she says that many people tried to help him by alerting subway personnel. the victim was struck and she says she performed three to four minutes of chest compressions on him, but it was too late. one eyewitness describes the train coming to an ab
Dec 6, 2012 4:00am PST
to get in there. can you get past syrian air defenses? are you sure that there are no civilians around? all of these very complicated questions. and you can bet nobody is looking for military action on this. all the efforts right now are to -- possibly through the russians are interest to try to get assad to pull back and not go down this road. >> such ominous signs for us, barbara. appreciate the update. >> sure. >> we'll be talking with ambassador nic burns about this a little later. first, let's get to zoraida sambolin with a look at the morning's news. >>> this is cairo outside the palace where protesters are starting to gather. tanks and armored vehicles are stationed there. clashes turned deadly yesterday into the afternoon after they unveiled their constitution, highest islamic authority is calling on president morsi to rescind his decree that granted himself sweep iing powers. >>> and second-degree murder, that is a charge against naeem davis, who reportedly push ed k suk han on to the tracks of a subway in new york. >> our family is grieving. we want to thank everyone who reac
Dec 3, 2012 4:00am PST
at 9:30 eastern. there's a possibility judges will decide to hear cases that challenge the defense of marriage october or california's proposition 8 which defines marriage as strictly between a man and woman. >>> a total of nine bodies have now been pulled from three crushed, burned out cars in a collapsed highway tunnel near tokyo. officials say aging bolts or concrete slabs may have caused the 200 food section to cave in over the weekend. emergency inspections of similar tunnels have been ordered. >>> and take a look at this. 125 mile lon traffic jam on the m-10 highway between moscow and st. petersburg, of course russia. most commutes look like a walk in the park if you have a look at that. it was caused apparently by guess fog. as of last night traffic was picking up to about soledad, get this, six miles an hour. >> call in. >> all right, alina, thank you. >> john mcafee's name is synonymous with computer security with a man who's anti-virus software has saved many pcs finds himself in big trouble in belize. mcafee has gone into hiding, he's claiming that the government there i
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)